Covid-19 response

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Preventing COVID-19 in Places of Worship

MEMO from KFL&A Health Unit

The Government of Ontario recently announced a provincewide shutdown and Stay-at-Home order (O. Reg 265/21) are in effect for all regions in Ontario. The regulations for theprovincewide shutdown (O. Reg 82/20) allow for in-person religious services, rites, andceremonies, with capacity limits:

– Indoor religious services, rites, or ceremonies are limited to a maximum of 15 %   capacity per room indoors, 

– Outdoor religious services, rites or ceremonies are limited to the number of individuals
that can maintain 2 metres of physical distance.
The mandatory capacity limits listed above include parishioners, officiants, and staff. 

Social gatherings related to services, rites or ceremonies (such as receptions) are not permitted indoors, and are limited to 5 people outdoors.

While the regulations allow for in-person religious services, rites, and ceremonies, KFL&A Public Health is strongly recommending places of worship to conduct virtual services to reduce the spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 cases are increasing both locally and across Ontario with the variants of concern featuring prominently in these increases. Variants of concern can spread more easily from person-to-person, can cause greater severity of disease and are impacting younger people. This third wave of COVID-19 is threatening the ability of our health care system to manage hospital resources.

Locally, we have managed COVID-19 very well through adherence to public health measures by our community leaders, including our faith leaders. However, the variants   of concern may impact our local success in managing COVID-19 infections. This is a critical time. Now more than ever, we must continue to remain vigilant.

With our region having moved to a “Provincial Stay-at-Home Order”, the Harrowsmith Church official board has decided to limit the number of people attending the service, to do our part. We are continuing to broadcast virtual services on YouTube with only the participants in the service being invited to attend. 

For anyone needing to come into the church building, COVID-19 Screening and Preventative Measures are being adhered to. Face coverings are required to be worn once inside the church building. Physical distancing must be maintained. Prior to entering the church building each person will need to complete a COVID-19 screening. 

The staff are working and able to assist you however we can.  Please feel free to call the office at 613-372-1238 or email at  If you would like to come into the church building, please call ahead and we are happy to make arrangements. 

Watch Sunday morning services on the Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church Youtube Channel.  Click on the green button below.


covid-19 prevention

Harrowsmith Church is conscientiously taking all precautions to keep people safe from Covid-19.  At the present time, the church is closed to the public. 

This list of requirements from the KFL&A Public Health will be adhered to:

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