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What's Church Like?

We invite you to check out the Harrowsmith Church.  We understand, if you’ve never been to church before, it could make you feel uneasy.  Many people have a preconceived idea of what it would be like to walk through the doors of a church.

At Harrowsmith Church, it’s a welcoming, non-stressful experience.  Dress casually and walk up to the front door.  Someone will greet you and then another friendly person will help you find a seat where you feel comfortable sitting.  Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.

If you’re shy, that’s okay.  Take it slow.  Slip in and slip out quietly.  If you’re an outgoing person, you will find many other people like yourself.   

The Harrowsmith Church is made up of a lot of different people.  There are people of all ages attending the Church.  A typical attendance on a Sunday morning (pre-Covid 19) is approximately 150-200 people.  There are a lot of young families, children, as well as a thriving seniors group, and all ages in between. If you take a moment and browse through the website, you will see the different ministries that are available for the different age groups.

Presently, due to provincial lock-down Harrowsmith is offering online services 

Sundays at 10am on YouTube & Facebook  

The services typically last about one hour. 

What about Music?

We have a worship band led by music director, Jason Silver.  Various singers and musicians participate.  We typically have a mixture of contemporary music and traditional hymns during the service.

what about my Kids?

Children’s Church runs during the Sunday service.  We are extremely careful to abide by Covid-19 protocol.  Looking forward to providing this program for your kids. 

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When I first came to the church I felt comfortable and at home right away. Everyone was so friendly. I enjoyed everything about the service.
Darlene Snider
office administrator

harrowsmith church