Meet our interim lead pastor

Pastor Carl Bull

Pastor Carl was born to Rev. Earl & Violet Bull in 1938.  This means he grew up as a “preacher’s kid”.  During grades 2-8, he was part of the Harrowsmith congregation and attended the stone school next to the former Free Methodist church in town.  In his late teens he answered the call of God to pursue pastoral ministry.  

After seven years of studies, he met and married Sue from Kentucky and they were subsequently appointed to the Barrie congregation in 1965.  He has now ministered for 55 years, because he continued into his retirement years, and has served as an interim Pastor to Ontario congregations in transition.  10 years ago, this led him back to the Harrowsmith church to serve as interim and then Associate Pastor, now acting interim Lead Pastor.  Pastor Carl is very much enjoying his ministry here with the HFMC family.