Welcome to Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church

The HFMC Sunday morning volunteer team and official board met this past Sunday to discuss how we plan to open for this coming Sunday, June 21, Father’s Day. Although there are still a number of unknown factors, here’s a list of what we are planning to do this Sunday, and a list of what we are not doing. Please understand that this is our first trial, and there may be a few hiccups, but we will adjust our services as required to maintain safety protocols, while trying to provide the best worship experience possible. If you are uncomfortable attending for any reason, or are exhibiting COVID19 symptoms, please participate from home. We will continue to provide an online service each Sunday morning, and DVD’s of the service for those without Internet access.

So here’s what we are doing initially:

  1. We are requesting that you pre-register your attendance. If you plan on attending the June 21 service, please respond by email (office@hfmc.ca) no later than Thursday at 5:00pm. The sooner you let us know the better. Let us know how many may be attending, including yourself. We will call those without Internet to get them registered. If you know of someone in that category please let them know.
  2. The service will take place in the sanctuary with overflow accommodation in the fellowship room. There will be a live video feed from the sanctuary to the wall mounted screen in that room.
  3. Masks, hand sanitizer, and rubber gloves will be available for all who need them. The wearing of masks will be encouraged, but is not mandatory.
  4. We will be maintaining physical distancing protocols for all seating arrangements.
  5. We will provide coloring books and crayons for the children to use in their seats.
  6. We will be maintaining sanitation protocols for the washroom facilities.
  7. Singing will be permitted.
  8. The service will be shortened to approximately 60 minutes.
  9. Ushers, wearing masks and gloves, will seat you and your family so that proper physical distancing can be achieved.
  10. Thursday night prayer meeting will resume June 25 at 6:30, and will be held in the sanctuary.
  11. Counselling is continuing in person at the church office, or by phone.

Here’s what we are not doing, initially:

  1. There will be no Kid’s Church or nursery for this first service. This is under review and we will resume this as soon as possible.
  2. There will be no greeting time during the service
  3. There will be no coffee and fellowship time after the service
  4. There will be no passing of the offering plates, but the plates will be located at various places at the back of the sanctuary for your use at any time.
  5. There will be no paper bulletins. The announcements will be done electronically and displayed during the service. Electronic copies can be sent to those who request them.
  6. We’re asking for your continued patience as we sort this out. We know the rules as defined by the authorities, but we want to go above and beyond to ensure your safety. We long for the day we can return to normal, however we don’t know when that might be. The service on June 21st is a start, but we will make adjustments or reformat as required, in order to meet your needs.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you this Sunday. Don’t forget to register. If you have any questions please call pastor Bob at the church, 613-372-1238 or by email to office@hfmc.ca .

    God bless.
    Pastor Bob

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