Covid-19 response

following covid-19 protocol

Re-opened for Live Services

We are now open to the public for weekend services. 

We are having the Saturday evening and Sunday morning services in the sanctuary.  

Masks will be required at both services.  Sorry, but we will be obeying the social distancing protocols for masks.  If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask we will continue to provide the Online Sunday Service so that you may participate at home.  Masks will be available here at the church. The church will be disinfected between the Saturday night and Sunday morning services.

We are now offering children’s ministry during the services. Masks and social distancing protocols are being followed.

Visitors will be required to give contact information for tracking purposes in the event we have a COVID case affecting the church.


covid-19 prevention

Harrowsmith Church is conscientiously taking all precautions to keep people safe from Covid-19.  This list of requirements for indoor services, from the KFL&A Public Health will be adhered to:

harrowsmith church